specializes in the construction and renovation of flat roofs and installation of PVC roof coverings. We offer the service in Estonia and other Nordic and Baltic countries.


Flat roofs - Construction of flat roofs - PVC roofing

We carry out all kinds of works related to flat roofs - construction, repairs, and maintenance. First, however, we will identify the customer's wishes and needs, starting with the selection of materials and details. We perform waterproofing of roofs with PVC roll materials. We use mineral wool, polystyrene foam and PIR for insulation.

There is also a different choice of materials for the construction and repair of slopes.


During roofing works or as a special order, we install all the necessary sheet metal parts. The shape of the sheet metal parts depends on the specific character of the object and is prepared accordingly.


In addition, we install various accessories on the flat roof,

the main items being roof wells, negative pressure roof fans, penetrations, etc.

About us

The main field of activity of Sternfelt OÜ is the construction and renovation of flat roofs, gable roofs and special shape roofs with PVC coating.

The company was established in 2013, and the specialists related to the company have been active in the roofing business for over 18 years.

We offer operative roof repair work, roof condition inspection, and maintenance.

Lapatto, Finland

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Roheline 74 Pärnu, 80041

Tel: +372 525 9938

E-mail: info@sternfelt.eu

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