Roof installation

Roof installation

Sternfelt has been renovating and building roofs since the year 2013. We mainly carry out work all over Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. We perform subcontracting to well-known Finnish and Estonian companies.

We offer the installation of roof elements as a service.

We carry out all work related to the flat roof construction process:

- Bearing profile sheet

- Intermediate layer installation

- Vapor barrier film

- Insulation (EPS, MW, LWA, PIR)

- Installation of roof coating

- Construction of a parapet/cornice

- Ventilation systems

- Flashings 

- Negative pressure fans

- Bollards

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Roof coatings and insulation

As roof coatings, we mainly use PVC, which has the advantage of good durability and the material has a manufacturer's fixed warranty of 10 years. We give the works a guarantee of up to 5 years.

PVC is an environmentally friendly material that is manufactured using natural substances: sea salt 57% and oil 43%. As a building material, PVC is affordable, durable and easy to use. The advantage of the material is its high durability - one layer of PVC coating is as strong as two layers of ordinary bitumen coating material. The material is installed with special hot air blowers, i.e., no open flame is used upon installation, which makes the installation safe.

For insulation, we mainly use expanded polystyrene (EPS), mineral wool (MW), light gravel (LWA) or PIR insulation. The advantage of EPS over mineral wool is better moisture resistance, but mineral wool, in turn, has good fire resistance (Fire Resistance Class A1).

The advantage of light gravel over other materials is considerable compression strength. However, the final selection is based on the specificity of the object and the customer's wishes.


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