Solar panel fasteners

Solar panel fasteners

Solar panels have many installation methods. The most common is the installation of solar panels on a gable roof, flat roof, as a roof covering, as balcony barriers, on the building facade or on the ground.


In Estonia, the optimum installation angle for solar panels is 39°, which ensures maximum total annual productivity. If solar panels are installed at +/- 20 degrees different from the optimal, then the annual productivity difference is not significant (generally less than 5%).


Flat roof installations have the most potential in urban environments in Estonia compared to other solar energy solutions, as there are more buildings like that than building with gable roofs, especially in commercial buildings.

For flat roof installations, the effect of wind on solar panels needs to be identified. As for fastening solutions, we offer Alkorolar profile manufactured by Renolit, which is welded to the PVC roof and to which the solar panel frame and panels are mounted.


The most common flat roof mounting angle is about 20 degrees, with larger production and commercial buildings, a smaller angle is also applied. The lower slope ensures smaller shading between the rows of panels. The 20-degree inclination can accommodate significantly more panels and yields only slightly less output than the optimum 39-degree inclination.


A smaller inclination (generally 10 degrees) is also used for the east-west orientation that allows maximum use of the roof surface.

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