PVC roof coverings and finished parts

Renolit Alkorplan
PVC roof coverings

Alkorplan PVC roofing materials are high-quality materials valued by modern standards.

PVC membranes are available in a variety of sizes, out of which the most commonly used are the coatings with the thickness of 1.2mm and 1.5mm.

The main colors are light gray and dark gray, but white PVC with its high reflection and long lifespan is also gaining popularity.  Check out our catalogs and feel free to contact us for further information.

Light gray

1,2 mm x 1,05 x 25m Textured/Smooth
1,2 mm x 1,60 x 20m Textured/Smooth
1,2 mm x 2,10 x 20m Textured/Smooth

Dark gray

1,5 mm x 1,05 x 20m Textured/Smooth
1,5 mm x 1,60 x 15m Textured/Smooth
1,5 mm x 2,10 x 15m Textured/Smooth

More color options:

PVC finished detail

Water diverters

Internal corners

External corners

PVC roof coverings and finished parts catalogs



Alkorplan L

Alkortop TPO

Alkorbright White

Alkorplan Metallic Silver


Declaration of performance

Dop Alkorplan F 1,2mm

Dop Alkorplan F 1,5mm

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