Assembly foam

- super elastic assembly foam

- minimum expansion pressure

- very good adhesion

- air temperature when used

   -10 °C ... +30 °C

Foam guns

- Teflon coated
- long lifespan
- easy to clean

Rainwater systems

With rainwater systems, the water coming from the roof is diverted to the ground. The main parts of the rainwater system are the horizontal gutters of the eaves and the drainpipes diverting down from them. The placement of the gutter and pipes must be considered each time separately so that the water load is distributed as evenly as possible between the system parts so that the gutters and pipes are positioned as naturally as possible in relation to the appearance of the house. The usual locations of the pipes are the corners of the house and the gaps between the windows. When installing a rainwater system, the installation of roof security features should be considered.

- a wide range of colors
- paint with corrosion protection


- high-quality ETANCO fasteners

- with corrosion protection

- stainless steel solutions

- wide color and product range ETA certified

Renolit accessories for flat roof construction

Renolit Alkorplan lisatarvikud.jpg

Catalogs of accessory

Bottle foam additional information

Renolit Accessories

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